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Cover of August 2010 Polymer CAFEI was excited to open my mailbox today and see that the August 2010 issue of PolymerCAFÉ had arrived. In addition to some gorgeous projects (I love Ann Kruglak's cover piece!), this issue contains a little article I wrote explaining how to magnetize the base on your Sculpey 5-In-1 Clay Tool.

Previously part of the Studio by Sculpey tool line, this tool has really become one of my favorites. I bought one to keep at home and one to take to guild, which keeps me from having to check individual items (needle tool, carving tools, etc.) off my pack-for-guild checklist.

Bonus Tips

In the article, I list a few ways I use the tool tips. Since I first sent it in, I've thought of a few more to share with you:

  • The chisel tip shaper is an excellent little squeegie for removing not only excess liquid clay (which I mentioned), but also excess glue. If you tend to go a little overboard with glue application, this can be really handy.
  • The back (dull) edge of the blade tip is slightly wider at one end than the other, which is great for making veins on tiny leaves.
  • In a pinch and need to poke a hole in an earring hang tag? The needle tool is perfect!
  • The open end of the handle (once the tool tips are removed) can be used to make a circle impression in a Mokume Gane stack.
  • If you do the magnetic modification from the article, the black tool base can become a drying rack for your varnished beads. I used the piercing pins in my baking rack kit (any metallic pins should work), leaving the beads on the pins after baking. The magnets in the tool's base will attract the pins, allowing the beads to stick straight up while the varnish dries.

If you've got a favorite way to use one of these tool tips, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


In the process of taking photos for the article, I ended up buying an extra 5-in-1 tool kit. Want it? Just leave your name and email address in the Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool Kit entry box below (not the blog comment form). These are the rules:

  • Only United States residents 18 years of age and older may enter.
  • Limit one entry per IP address, please.
  • The giveaway starts on Monday, June 14, 2010, and ends Sunday, June 20, 2010, at 11:59 p.m. CT.
  • The prize is a Studio by Scupey 5-in-1 Tool Kit. Note: The product packaging was opened for photography, but the tools are un-used.

I will email the randomly-selected winner to verify eligibility and get shipping info for the prize. Once it's all official, I'll announce the winner here. Good luck!

P.S. If you've noticed it's quiet around here again, it's because I'm working on the DVD that will be released with my Polymer Clay 101 book. The script is written, the step-outs are in progress, and we plan to film the last weekend in June. Busy, busy!

Update 7/9/10: Sorry for the delay in the winner announcement. Janet Allen was the lucky winner. She received her prize and said, "I like the idea of one handle and removable tops. Saves a lot of room on my work area." Congrats, Janet -- hope you enjoy the tool!


I also just got my new P. Cafe magazine and I just read your article. I really liked your tip on using the cone tip shaper to give a pierced bead hole a more finished look. Definitely going to try that one!

Congratulations on your article; it's wonderful!

Good luck with the filming! I am sure the video will be awesome and one for our libraries!

The other day my husband and I was in town. I asked him to stop at the book store to see if they had the new polymer cafe magazine in. I went on to telling him about the article that you had written for the magazine. I was surprised at how I was going on and on. What can I say! Keep up the good work!

Hi Angela,
Thanks for the column in Polymer Cafe. Lots of useful tips. I did not care for the black background and white print though. Hard on the eyes. I guess you have no say-so on how they print your article. But it was good reading. Janet

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